Coaching Opportunities

2019 Summer Camps

Manitoba Badminton Association (MBA) Summer Camps offer an exciting, dynamic and quality learning experience for youth as a result of quality leadership. 

As of right now we have five positions available for summer students. Click here for more information on the camps. 


Summer Camp Manager -4 positions

Bi-Lingual Summer Camp Manager - 1 position


Developmental Winter Programs


The purpose of the Developmental Winter Programs are to meet the basic developmental needs for badminton in as many communities as possible.  The program fosters the roots of what is hopefully a long life of badminton in each individual, and because of this we are looking for excited and knowledgeable staff to lead our ever-expanding Winter Programs. 

The Developmental Winter Programs are run out of school gymnasiums once a week from October to March.  The are typically 1-2 hours long per session and require the instructor to have a minimum of level 1 Technical Coaching Certification (NCCP). Click here for more information on the Developmental Winter Programs. 

If you are interested in becoming a DWP coach, please contact Justin Friesen at [email protected]



The MBA follows the pathway as outlined below for coaching development.  The compensation rates for coaching are as follows and is based on a coach's level of certification:

Regional Coach

Shuttletime             $12.00 per hour

Regional in Training  $12.00 per hour

Regional Trained      $13.00 per hour

Regional Certified     $15.00 per hour


Provincial Coach

Provincial in Training  $16.00 per hour

Provincial Trained       $17.00 per hour

Provincial Certified     $19.00 per hour


Comp Dev

Comp Dev in Training   $15.00

Comp Dev Trained        $18.00

Comp Dev Certified      $30.00


For a  PDF copy of the coaches compensation click here.


All coaches can be expected to be paid according to the program they are coaching.