School Team Memberships

2023-2024 School Team Membership Package: print version
2023-2024 School Team Membership Registration Form (Team Info): online form
2023-2024 School Team Membership Registration Form (Athlete Info): print version


How to Register
If you would like to register your school team, please fill in the online team info registration form and submit it:


A school team membership affiliates your team with the Association and supports the overall effort to build badminton in the province by connecting you to the greater community and providing much-needed resources and benefits, including:
 — liability insurance coverage for school team events 
 — 2023-2024 Individual Base Membership for all registered members (value of $10/athlete)
 — 2023-2024 Individual Coaching License for registered coaches (value of $25/coach)
 — access to MBA's school team competitions
 — Yonex Shuttle Return Program (optional add-on): 1 shuttle per athlete registered
 — MBA website representation
 — 1 free athlete clinic per season
 — MBA support and assistance when needed




Grades 7 & 8  /  7e et 8e années
to be announced

High School  /  Secondaire
to be announced


OUR 2021-2022 TEAMS
École communautaire Réal-Bérard (Junior Varsity, Varsity)
École St-Adolphe School (7 & 8)
Lac du Bonnet Senior School (7 & 8, Junior Varsity, Varsity)