Tournament Hosting



Below are the tournament hosting documents for 2021-2022 season


Tournament Hosting Applications are due August 1, 2021

Following the deadline, any tournaments that have not been claimed will go on a first come first serve basis.

Tournament hosting applications must be sent to the Executive Director at [email protected]


Tournament Hosting Agreement/Guidelines

Tournament Hosting Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Tournament Hosting Plan Form

2021-2022 Tournament Schedule



Affiliated Tournaments



Q: I host a tournament, but I've never affiliated it.  Will my attendees like affiliation?

A: The "feel" or "attitude" of the tournament can stay exactly the same.  The only difference is that your attendees will have to pay for the cost of a referee.  The referee will ensure that all the necessary rules and regulations for an MBA tournament are followed.


Q: I've never hosted a tournament before and I don't know what I'm doing.  Will affiliating help me?

A: Yes, certainly one of the benefits of affiliated with MBA is that our staff and officials will walk alongside you to make sure you are meeting common standards.  The biggest worry that tournament hosts have is that their tournament won't compare well with others.  We will work to re-assure you that your tournament is meeting common standards.


Q: Will affiliating cost more for our attendees?

A: A Referee costs $10/hour, so please consider that in your budget.  MBA pays for the travel costs through our officials development budget, so if you're hosting a tournament in Dauphin, that means we are reducing the barriers of hosting an affiliated tournament by covering the cost of travel.  This also helps with the development of our officials.

Tournament participants also must be members of MBA, which is $20/person.  Once the annual fee is paid, the member can participate in any program or tournament for the rest of the season.  This fee goes to the well-being of badminton overall in Manitoba, supporting officials and coach development and wonderful people like yourselves.  


Q: Will affiliating promote the sport in my community?

Yes, affiliating your tournament brings a sense of pride to the surrounding community, and reminds them that they are part of the larger picture of events.  Whether you live in Flin Flon, Virden or Winnipeg, you are part of a large circle of badminton enthusiasts.  Every athlete should have an opportunity to be a part of this network, which is why we started the Rural Super Series, which brings sanctioned badminton tournaments to all parts of Manitoba.  The best thing you could do is help us in our effort to bring more opportunities to our friends of badminton.


Requirements to Be Affiliated:

Enforce BWF Rules/Regulations

Ensure All Players are Members in Good Standing with MBA

Minimum 1 Referee for Entirety of Tournament to Approve Draws & Enforce Rules/Regulations at Competition



Knowledgeable Referee(s) maintaining court procedures
Free Use of Tournament Software, the same software used by the Badminton World Federation
Order tournament shuttles using MBA's current badminton equipment partnership
Recognized and Heavily Promoted by MBA through Website/E-Newsletters/Social Media/In Person
Winners Recognized at Annual Awards Banquet
Volunteer Training Assistance
& Guidance by Experienced Professionals
Player Results Contribute to Manitoba Player Ranking on MBA Website
Athlete Recognition/Scouting for Provincial Teams and Manitoba Games Teams




Mélanie Curé, Executive Director 
(204) 925-5621 
[email protected]