Tournament Hosting



Below are the tournament hosting documents for 2022-2023 season

Tournament Hosting Applications are due September 15, 2022
Following the deadline, any tournaments that have not been claimed will go on a first come first serve basis.
Tournament hosting applications must be sent to the Board of Directors at [email protected]

*NEW* Competition Circuit Restructuring (updated December 2022)
Tournament Hosting Package (Championship Series)
Tournament Hosting Package (SuperSeries)
Tournament Hosting Package (Regional SuperSeries)
2022-2023 Tournament Schedule *updated 2022.11*


Hosting FAQs

I host a tournament, but I've never affiliated it.  Will my attendees like affiliation?
The "feel" or "attitude" of the tournament can stay exactly the same.  The only difference is that your tournament budget will need to factor in the cost of a referee, who will ensure that all the necessary rules and regulations for an MBA tournament are followed.

I've never hosted a tournament before and I don't know what I'm doing.  Will affiliating help me?
Yes! One of the benefits of affiliating with MBA is that our staff and officials will walk alongside you to make sure you are meeting common standards.  The biggest worry that tournament hosts have is that their tournament won't compare well with others.  We will work to re-assure you that your tournament is meeting common standards.

Will affiliating cost more for our attendees?
A referee honorarium costs approximately $14-15/hour, so please consider that in your budget.  However, MBA pays for the travel costs of that referee. This ensures that officiating costs are equitable for all host clubs (regardless of location) and helps with the development of our officials.
For Championship Series, SuperSeries, and Regional SuperSeries events, all participants must hold either Base ($10/player) or Provincial ($20/25 per player) individual MBA player memberships, which grant them access to our entire tournament circuit. For Community Series tournaments, players do not necessarily need to hold an individual MBA player membership. Please contact us for more info. 
Individual MBA membership offers many advantages, including access to our tournaments & programs throughout the season. These fees help ensure the well-being and growth of badminton overall in Manitoba, supporting officials, coach development, and our community.  

Will affiliating promote the sport in my community?
Yes, affiliating your tournament brings your club and community into the larger circle of shuttlers in Manitoba. Whether they live in Flin Flon, Pipestone, Gillam, or Niverville, every athlete should have an opportunity to be a part of this network. The Regional SuperSeries (formerly Rural Super Series) and the Community Series were created to help bring events to all areas of the province. Affiliating your event helps us in our effort to bring more opportunities to all those who love the game. 


Championship Series, SuperSeries, Regional SuperSeries

Your club must hold a valid Club Membership and be in good standing with the MBA
The tournament must commit to enforcing BWF Rules/Regulations
All players/participants must hold a valid Provincial Individual Membership (Championship Series) or Base Individual Membership (SuperSeries Regional SuperSeries)
All players/participants must be in good standing with the MBA
A minimum of 1 Referee will be present for the entirety of the tournament to approve draws and enfore rules/regulations
Community Series
Your club must hold a valid Club Membership and be in good standing with the MBA
The tournament must commit to enforcing BWF Rules/Regulations

Championship Series, SuperSeries, Regional SuperSeries
Free use of TournamentSoftware (the same software used by Badminton Canada and the Badminton World Federation)
Registration process facilitated by the MBA
Referee (and umpires) maintaining court procedures
Tournament shuttles provided as part of our hosting packages (extra shuttles available for purchase using MBA's current equipment sponsorship)
Recognition and promotion through our website, newsletter, and social media
Winners recognized at the annual awards banquet
Volunteer training assistance and guidance
Player results included in Manitoba player rankings as well as national player rankings (when applicable)
Athlete recognition & scouting for Regional Team and Team Manitoba programs
Community Series
Tournament shuttles provided
Draw prizes provided
Post-event recognition on MBA website, newsletter, and social media
Pre-event promotion on MBA website, newsletter, and social media (upon request)
Use of TournamentSoftware (upon request)
Registration process facilitated by the MBA (upon request)


Corey Draper, Interim Executive Director 
[email protected]