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BWF Corporate - Badminton World Federation Corporate page for those who need more information on tournament schedules, the inside news, and event criteria. 
BWF TV YouTube Channel - Badminton World Federation’s Youtube channel, where you watch the biggest tournaments live, and in retrospect. 


Provincial Badminton Associations

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For Coaches
Support Through Sport | Coach, CAC
Coach Tool Kit, CAC
Sport MB Manual and Interactive Videos
Safe At Home Sport Manitoba Resources
BWF Shuttle Time – Giving every child a chance to play badminton


Badminton for Everyone

The Value of Sport - Sport for life's write up on the value of sports. 
Coaches For Change Lecture on Diversity - A Coaches for Change lecture about diversity and inclusion uploaded by Coaches Ontario 
Sport for Life for all Newcomers to Canada - Information about Newcomers to Canada. Barriers, struggles, and solutions. 
Coaching Athletes with a Disability - Coaching Canada’s information page on coaching athletes with a disability. 
Coaching Masters Athletes - Information on coaching masters athletes from Coaching Canada. 
Badminton Canada Introduction to Para-Badminton - Badminton Canada’s introduction to para-badminton. 
Official Para-Badminton Classifications - Badminton Canada’s classification lists and explanations. 
BWF Para-badminton - Badminton World Federation’s information on para-badminton. 
BWF Para-Badminton Classification Forms - Badminton World Federation’s classification forms and explanations. 
Coaching Athletes with a Disability | CAC - Coaching Association of Canada’s information on coaching athletes with a disability. 
Leading the Way: Working with LGBTQ Coaches & Athletes - Information on working with LGBTQ athlets and coaches from Sport Manitoba.
LGBTQ+ Athletes and Coaches - Guide and information from Coaching Association of Canada
Women in Coaching | CAC - Links, programs, grants, and information for women in coaching. 
Canadian Journal for Women in Coaching - Articles and information on women in coaching.
Girls Participation - Badminton Canada’s information on girls participating in sport. 
Indigenous Coaching | CAC - Coaching Association of Canada’s information page on Indigenous Coaching. 


Concussion Information

Concussion Awareness | CAC - Information from the Coaching Association of Canada about concussion awareness. 
Boys vs. Girls - Sex differences with concussion - Concussions in boys and girls, information on the differences. 
How Biological Sex and Gender Affect Concussion Risk and Management. Kerr and Shafi (University of Toronto), September 2021


COVID Resources From Coaching Canada

CAC response to COVID-19 | Coach - Coaching Association of Canada’s insight into coaching in the world with covid. 


For the Parents

Sport Safety for Parents | CAC - Information for parents on keeping their kids safe from the Coaching Association of Canada.


Keeping Kids Safe

The Canadian Centre for Child Protection is a national charity that works to reduce the incidence of missing and sexually exploited children/youth in Canada. In addition to work with sport and other child-serving sectors, we are part of the Government of Canada’s National Strategy for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation on the Internet, through our operation of – Canada’s tip line for reporting the online sexual exploitation of children.

Specifically in sport, Canadain Centre for Child Protection provides expertise, tools, resources, and support through our Commit to Kids framework. Commit to Kids offers a step-by-step plan to mitigate the risk of sexual abuse. The Commit to Kids program looks at and beyond ‘what we do when we suspect abuse’ and emphasizes expectations for adults interacting with children in sport, encourages bringing forward any concerns of misconduct towards children, and helps organizations with the development policies that enable safe adults to uphold standards of conduct that protect youth.

The program has two components:

1.  eLearning module: Commit to Kids for Coaches – a 2.5 hour online training that results in a certificate of complete and 3 NCCP PD points towards maintenance of certification / eLearning module: An Introduction to Safeguarding Children from Sexual Abuse – a 23 minute overview view which does not result in certification or PD points

2.  Commit to Kids Kit & Policies and Procedures Workbook - Combined, these resources provide:

· increased awareness and education on how child sexual abuse happens
· specific strategies on how to prevent abuse
· guidance on clear boundaries between employees/volunteers and children
· tools and information about handling allegations/reporting of abuse and reporting and addressing possible misconduct, in a sensitive, timely and effective manner


Some quick downloadable supplements to the Commit to Kids framework that are available free:
Commit to Kids: Helping Organizations Prevent Child Sexual Abuse – boundaries and reporting sheets
Order Materials: Commit to Kids Guide for Parents Brochure - guide for parents.
Child safety is everyone’s responsibility, here are links to free child safety posters, activity books, comics, and more –for use in the home, within your organization – or other organization’s you may be a part of:

Video Read-Along Storybooks –
This site contains some of the trending resources for parents, organizations, and schools: Resources & Research: Trending Resources, Timely Support –