Club Memberships

2023-2024 Club Membership Package: PDF
2023-2024 Club Membership Registration Form: online form
member information forms
 — for members who do need a Base Membership: print version 
 — for members who don't need a Base Membership: print version

How to Register

If you would like to register your club, please fill out the registration forms and email [email protected]

An invoice will be issued within 2 business days of receiving club member info, and proof of insurance will be provided upon receipt of payment.


A club membership affiliates your club with the Association and supports the overall effort to build badminton in the province by connecting you to the greater community and providing much-needed resources and benefits, including:
 — liability insurance coverage for club events (required for most school gym permits & rec centres)
 — ability to host MBA-sanctioned tournaments, and access to Shuttle Program for Hometown Series tournaments
 — MBA website representation
 — 1 free coach or athlete clinic per season
 — MBA support and assistance when applying for funding
Optional benefits include:
 — Yonex Shuttle-Return Program: 2 shuttles per member (Mavis 350) or 1.5 shuttles per member (AS40)
 — discounted 2023-2024 Individual Base Memberships for members who choose to opt in (value of $10/athlete)


Hosting Tournaments
MBA-sanctioned badminton clubs have the ability to host tournaments and can benefit from our online registration process and the ability to advertise to the widespread badminton community as well as the general public. Click here for the Tournament Hosting page and documents.


Community Development

If you are just starting a badminton club and/or looking to see how badminton can fit into your community, please download our Community Development Package Here







Our Member Clubs in 2023-2024

Active Badminton Club

Beyond the Perimeter Badminton

Brandon Badminton Club

Club de Badminton Notre Dame

Dead Bird Society

East Kildonan Badminton Club

Phoenix Badminton Club

Pinawa Badminton Club

Prairie Badminton

Selkirk Badminton Club

 Southeast Winnipeg Badminton Club

 St. Adolphe Badminton Club

Thompson Badminton Club

Transcona Badminton Club

University of Manitoba Badminton Club

WWC Badminton Academy


Our Member Clubs in 2021-2022

Brandon Badminton Club
Early Morning All-Stars Badminton Club
Essence Badminton Club
Greendell Seniors Badminton Club
Niverville Badminton Club (Beyond the Perimeter Badminton)
Pinawa Badminton Club
Prairie Badminton
Southeast Winnipeg Badminton Club
St.Adolphe Badminton Club
St.Pierre Badminton Club (Beyond the Perimeter Badminton)
Winnipeg Winter Club