Developmental Winter Program



2019-20 Registration Now Available!



Low cost, high quality group badminton lessons in Winnipeg. Develop the fundamental movement mechanics required to become a better badminton player and find more enjoyment out of the game.  

October to March

Grades 3-12


NEW: Family Night! Lessons for adults as well as children!


Parents are needed to fill assistant coach positions.  Parent Assistant Coaches (PACs) must attend a coach training session in late September, as well as complete their online Respect in Sport course.  To become a Parent Coach, please contact Provincial Coach Justin Friesen at [email protected]


Optional League Play

Players in DWP will benefit from the opportunity to take part in a soft competition, which is an introduction to competition without the pressure of prizes and placements. Athletes will get to attend one of four soft competition dates throughout the season.  Players must register with their coach in order to participate.  Players are required to attend the sessions that they are registered for.

Whereas the DWP weekly sessions are primarily for skill development and not for game play, at the League Play players will be mixed into pools with players from different programs in an opportunity to play some actual badminton matches.   This league gives athletes the opportunity to put their skills to practice.  League play will consist of the following dates throughout this season:



Please note the following:

  • Sessions may be cancelled due to special events occuring in the host school.  Coaches will contact students via EMAIL as soon as they receive notice from the school division.  Please ensure your coach has your proper email address.
  • Any cancelled sessions will not be made up at other times
  • The MBA may cancel and/or move a program due to low number of registrations. Parents/players will be notified via email so please be sure to make your email legible



Complete your registration in any of the following ways: 






(Registration is LIMITED and is on a first come, first serve basis.  Waiting to submit your registration form and payment on the first day of lessons is at your own risk, and the coach cannot accept your registration if the class is full)



All programs start first week of October!


2019-20 DWP Program List




 Start Date



Shamrock Elementary

831 Beaverhill




$161.09 $100.11

Shamrock Jr. FULL

831 Beaverhill




$161.09 $100.11FULL

Shamrock Sr. FULL

831 Beaverhill





Victor Wyatt Elementary FULL

485 Meadowwood




$205.43 FULL

Victor Wyatt Jr. FULL

485 Meadowwood




$205.43 FULL

Victor Wyatt Sr.

485 Meadowwood

Any age

Famiily Night

Monday 7:00-9:00pm $205.43 $122.28

Viscount Alexander Jr. FULL

810 Waterford




$172.18 FULL

Viscount Alexander Sr.

810 Waterford

9-12 Wednesday 8:15-9:30pm $172.18 $105.65


*Prices include GST and Processing Fee. GST Registration #103480851MC0001


We believe that no kid should be left on the sidelines and all should be given the opportunity to experience the positive benefits of organized sports. KidSport™ provides support to children in order to remove financial barriers that prevent them from playing organized sport.

For more information on Kidsport or to learn how to apply, please click on the KidSport image.



Developmental Winter Program Reimbursement Policy:

90% of registration fees may be reimbursed prior to the commencement of the program that they have registered for. 

Commencement of the program shall be defined as the first day of program, whether or not the athlete in question attends or not.

MBA Membership fee will also be reimbursed prior to the commencement of the camp, but will not be reimbursed as of the first day of the camp that the athlete is registered for.

50% of registration fees may be reimbursed prior to the start of the 2nd day.

0% of registration fees may be reimbursed following the start of the 2nd day.

A pro-rated reimbursement will be given if the athlete provides any of the following to Badminton Manitoba:

Valid doctor’s note proving injury or illness

Proof of family emergency or death of a close family member


A very special thank you to our sponsor Yonex Canada!