Coaching Pathway

Respect in Sport                                                                                                               


The Manitoba Badminton Association (MBA) is proud to partner with Sport Manitoba and embrace the Respect in Sport program to help ensure a safe and positive environment for all participants. Respect in Sport (RIS) is an online training course designed to assist coaches in identifying and dealing with issues of abuse, neglect, harassment and bullying. It is designed to complement current coaching certification requirements. The three-hour course can be taken at the coach’s leisure, in its entirety or in separate half-hour modules. There is no cost to the coach and the program will provide for recertification after the third and fifth year. Sport Manitoba and Provincial Sport Organizations will monitor the participation of coaches.

Respect in Sport is available in both English and French.

Beginner Level Coaching 

There are two options for those looking to coach beginner/school-level programs. 

  1. Community Sport
  2. Shuttle Time

Community Sport


Shuttle Time

Shuttle Time is a Badminton World Federation (BWF) program designed to be used by anyone - including coaches who have no prior badminton knowledge. BWF has many free online resources for Shuttle Time coaches including an App, lesson plans and videos on their YouTube channel

Intermediate to Competitive Level Coaching                                                                   

There are various different levels of coaching certification one can achieve. 

  1. Regional 
  2. Provincial (regional prerequisite)
  3. Competition Development (no prerequisite required as this level is designed for coaches of all sports)

For each 'competitive' level, coaches enter the 'in-training' phase - meaning that they have completed the required on and off-court courses and will remain in this phase until they have successfully passed an evaluation (see bottom of page for more info). 


In order to become a regional coach in training, one must first complete three modules designed to give every coach the essential knowledge necessary to confidently deliver quality practices to beginner-level athletes. The course usually runs over a weekend and is approximately 8 hours per day.

  • Module 1 - Planning a Practice
  • Module 2 - Making Ethical Decisions
  • Module 3 - Technical/Tactical Basics


Two additional modules are required to become a provincial coach in training which also runs over a weekend and is approximately 8 hours per day.

  • Module 4 - Design a Sport Program and Basic Mental Skills
  • Module 5 - Technical and Tactical Foundation


Competition Development

This level is best suited for coaches who are coaching athletes at a competitive level. There is an on-court component for this course as well as 10 classroom courses. The time commitment for this course is much more significant and completion depends on the availability of courses. 


National Coaching Certification Program

If you are looking to become a coach or advance your coaching but are unsure where you fit in with the NCCP program, consult Where Do I Fit?

Next NCCP Workshop availability can be found on the Workshop Calendar. For more information on the National Coaching Certification Program please visit the following links:

Check out this video that explains more about the NCCP program! 



The MBA follows the pathway as outlined below for coaching development.  The compensation rates for coaching are as follows and are based on a coach's level of certification:

Regional Coach

Certification Level Compensation Rate per Hour
Shuttletime $12.00
Regional in Training $12.00
Regional Trained $13.00
Regional Certified $15.00


Provincial Coach

Certification Level Compensation Rate per Hour
Provincial in Training $16.00
Provincial Trained $17.00
Provincial Certified $19.00


Competition Development

Certification Level Compensation Rate per Hour
Competition Development in Training $15.00
Competition Development Trained $18.00
Competition Development Certified $30.00


For a PDF copy of the coaches compensation click here.

All coaches can be expected to be paid according to the program they are coaching.



Evaluations for Regional Coach may be done in two ways either in-person or e-submission.

For details and to submit a Regional Coaching Evaluation by E-Submission click here.