"Friends of Badminton Manitoba" Endowment Fund



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Send a cheque payable to Winnipeg Foundation with Friends of Badminton Manitoba in the memo

Winnipeg Foundation

1350 - One Lombard Place

Winnipeg MB, R3B 0X3

RE: Friends of Badminton Manitoba





Purposes of “Friends of Badminton Manitoba” Endowment Fund

  • To support the growth, maintenance, operation and repair of badminton facilities and infrastructure(s) in Manitoba
  • To support the growth, maintenance and repair of school, club, recreational and provincial badminton teams, including:
    • Equipment purchases
    • Training camps which may include guest coaches, strength/conditioning specialists, sport nutritionists, sport psychologists or other sport professionals to improve the quality of the camp
    • Coach mentorship opportunities
    • Canada Winter Games Team
  • Subsidize cost of rental facilities
  • To support the growth, maintenance and health of badminton programs and special events in Manitoba that is intended to increase participation in the sport.  Programs can include programs of such nature:
    • Drop-In Programs
    • Clinics
    • Regional, Provincial, National, International or any tournament sanctioned or hosted by MBA.
  • To subsidize the cost of facility rentals in order to make badminton more accessible for the community of Winnipeg, and ultimate increase the physical activity in our communities


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Funding applications are now available.

Deadline to apply: July 15th 2021


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