External Coaching Resources

The Coaching Association of Canada offers many resources for coaches of all sports. 

  • http://coach.ca/
  • Look underneath "coaching resources", in specific "coaching tips" 


Coaching Manitoba offers Multi-Sport Modules; in other words, courses that apply to coaches of all sports

  • http://www.sportmanitoba.ca/coaching
  • Intro to Comp A is required for Badminton Coaches to become Regionally Certified
  • Intro to Comp B is required for Badminton Coaches to become Provincially Certified
  • All of the Comp Development courses are required for Badminton Coaches to become Comp Dev Certified (National)


The Internet is a great place to learn more about badminton

  1. Badminton World Federation has some great instructive videos on their youtube channel that show different techniques, drills and exercises that coaches of various levels can use. (scroll down to the bottom of 'playlists' and check out 'BWF Development'
  2. Badminton Famly is run by former Danish mixed doubles world champion Thomas Laybourn and they offer basic to advanced techniques and have some fun trickshot videos. 
  3. Tobias Wadenka is a German badminton coach and former player who posts videos on basic to advanced techniques.