Gold Series

Gold Series




The Gold Series tournaments attract a high number of athletes because they are the tournaments that prepare athletes for the big events. Two of our Gold

Series tournaments are for junior players, and two of them are for adults and are slightly exclusive. The province’s top players are excluded from the B&C

Championships, and Seniors & Masters is exclusive to players aged 30 and over!


The Grade 7/8 School Team Championships is Manitoba’s ONLY Team Badminton Championships. It is typically one of the most exciting events of the year as

each team tries to show they have the most Team Spirit!


These professionally run tournaments offer many aspects to the players, and to sponsors, including:


• MBA Provincially Certified Head Referee, Deputy Referee & Umpires

• T-Shirt Souvenirs

• Consistent Tournament Signage & Tournament “Look & Feel”

• MBA Medals for Juniors & Prizes for Adults

• Online Registration, Advertising & Internationally Recognized Tournament Planning Software

• Results Contribute to MBA Rankings and Provincial Team Scouting (0.25 Tier Tournaments)

• Results Exported to Media