Little Dragons Badminton Club



Little Dragons Badminton is a training program that was established in July 2015, by two motivated and enthusiastic playing partners who also developed a strong friendship over the years. Our mission is to foster a supportive and engaging training environment in order to not only produce quality players, but more importantly to instill a lifelong appreciation for our beloved sport.

Sessions are held 3 times a week at Wheelies Roller Rink (1010 Logan Ave):

Tuesday 8:30-10:30pm
Friday 5-7pm
Sunday 7-10pm

$144 per month
cash, cheque or money transfer only
(please have that amount ready by at the very latest, 3rd session of the month)

drop-in fees
2-hour session: $20
3-hour session: $30

** keep in mind that the prices listed above include nylon Yonex 350 birdies **

With your support, we can lift badminton out of the shadows to take its rightful place among the major sports in Canada. The Little Dragons Badminton training program will do its part to reach that goal.


Little Dragons Badminton was created and is run by co-owners Khanh Mai & Dan Savard


Visit the Website Here for contact and more info!