Selkirk Badminton Club


The Selkirk Badminton Club runs out of the Selkirk Regional Comprehensive Secondary School, located at 221 Mercy St., Selkirk MB on Sundays from 1:00 to 4:00 pm. They also play on Wednesdays from 7:00 to 9:30 at East Selkirk Middle School.



Whether you're a new player or been playing for years, the Selkirk Badminton Club is a GREAT place to play.  The club plays twice per week and has an extensive history in Manitoba.  This history includes producing players that compete in national, provincial and local fun tournaments.  

There is no requirement for competing in tournaments, but the club is very active in both hosting and participating in MBA sanctioned tournaments.  Annually the Selkirk Badminton Club is host to the Yonex Manitoba Masters Championships, a friendly and competitive tournament for players aged 30+, 45+ and 60+.  It is considered the favorite tournament for many adult players in Manitoba because of the friendly atmosphere.  This club was also host of the 1st ever Interlake Open in 2015 and will continue to run that tournament every second year, trading back and fourth with the Interlake Badminton Club (Stonewall).

Thanks to a legacy fund from the 2003 Western Canada Summer Games, the club registration fee is lower than anywhere else in Manitoba.  

For more information please contact Andrew Dmitruk at [email protected]

Below: Selkirk Badminton Club Posing for the Camera!


Below: Selkirk Badminton Club Hosting 1st Annual Yonex Interlake Open


Below: Club Member & Tournament Chair Terry Porayko Holds the New Barry Ursell MB Masters (45+) Trophy, Crafted by Himself with Re-Claimed Wood from an Old Church in Selkirk