summer camp & programming update

We're back on court tomorrow for week 4!⁠ ⁠

There are only 5 weeks and 7 camps left, including:
— a second week of badminton & table tennis (August 3-6)
— a second rural camp (August 16-20 in Niverville)
— our All-Girls Camp and our Para-Badminton Camp (both on August 9-13) ⁠ ⁠

We have also: ⁠
— launched our Smash the Curve initiative
— partnered with several RMs and community organizations to bring clinics and mini-camps all over the province⁠
— created Grown-Ups' Camps, with new sessions to be added monthly throughout the season and all over the province (register here)
— rescheduled (again) upcoming referee and umpire clinics! ⁠(register here for referee training and here for umpire training) ⁠

See you on the courts!

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