Vo Badminton Academy

Vo Badminton Academy (VBA)



173 Talbot Avenue


Vo Badminton Academy is an exciting new place to train. There are six courts available for lessons. 

Badminton is played:

Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 5:30 to 9:30 (two sessions of two hours each)

Ages 10 - 25

These are summer hours which may change in the fall.


The coach is Thien Bao Vo. 

Thien has traveled to many countries in Asia and Europe and has worked with various coaches for training and coaching experience.

He has traveled around the world for various junior and senior competitions and training. Is ranked 84th in World Junior, 1st in U19 in Vietnam, 3rd in Canada, 2015 Champion in the U19 and Senior Praire Elite tournaments, as well as several triple crowns provincially. Was a quarter finalist in the U17 Asia Junmior Championships.

He has learned from many different mentors and has a great knowledge of different playing styles and training methods from these experiences.

Thien's contact information: Email: thienvo1410@gmail.com

                              Phone: (204) 770-7639


You can find more information by visiting their website at https://vbawinnipeg.wixsite.com/winnipeg.

Their email address is: vbawinnipeg@gmail.com

You can also find them on Instagram at vba_winnipeg