17 Wing Badminton

17 Wing Badminton Club



The 17 Wing Badminton Club is located at 680 Whytewold Road, which plays on Wednesday from 7-8:30PM and On Sundays from 7-10PM. This club almost exclusively plays doubles, and is open to people of all skill levels and ages. Lessons are offered for members during scheduled hours of play.

17 Wing Badminton currently has about 35 registered members, many of which are very dedicated, and show up almost everyday.

Program runs from September to June, and Club membership is $25 Single and $50 Family. Non Military personnel must also purchase a Gym pass, the Gym pass is valid for one year.  $53 Single $80 Family.


For more information, please contact Honest Navarro at: mano.navarro@gmail.com