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2015 YONEX Summer Camps for Ages 7-17

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* When registering online, all participants are required to purchase an MBA Membership as we have switched to a new online system for tracking memberships. Due to this new system, we have reduced all Summer Camp prices by $20. The prices posted are the prices with the $20 reduction. If you have any difficulties registering online, please do not hesitate to email admin.assistant@badminton.mb.ca for assistance.*




Camp Details

These camps are for youths, ages 7-18, that are interested in having fun, improving their skills and making some new friends!

Our 2015 Summer Camps will be overseen by Provincial Coach Justin Friesen

Time: 10:00am - 4:00pm

Early Drop Off at WWC Location: 8:00am-10:00am

Early Drop Off at Rural Locations: 9:00am-10:00am

Camps include: T-shirt, Wind-Up Lunch, Departing Gifts, and Instruction from Manitoba's top players and coaches.




2015 Camp Schedule:


Date Location Price Time Ages



Entry Deadline
July 13-17 Winnipeg Winter Club $190 8:00-4:00 7-12 9 Wednesday, July 1
July 13 - 17 Stonewall Collegiate $130 9:00-3:30 9-16 26 Cancelled
July 20-24 Winnipeg Winter Club $190 8:00-4:00 13-17 3 Wednesday, July 8
July 20-24  Minnedosa $130 9:00-3:30 9-16 15 Cancelled
August 4 - 7 Winnipeg Winter Club $150 8:00-4:00 7-12 10 Wednesday, July 22
August 10 - 14 Winnipeg Winter Club $190 8:00-4:00 13-17 20 Wednesday, July 29
August 17 - 21 Winnipeg Winter Club $190 8:00-4:00 10-15


August 17 - 21 Steinbach Christian High School $130 9:00-3:30 9-16 22

Wednesday, August 5

August 24 - 28 Carman Collegiate $130 9:00-3:30 9-16 20 Wednesday, August 12


Sample Daily Schedule
8am - 10am    Athletes arrive and are greeted by staff members.  Informal games and free time including card games, board games, reading and tv.

10am - 12:30pm    Athletes run through warm-up, divide into small groups, run through lessons and drills, mini games and adapted games, and plenty of water breaks.   

12:30am - 1:30pm    Lunch Break

1:30pm - 4:00pm    Relay and warm-up activities, badminton lessons & drills, singles and doubles games, mini-tournaments *Wednesday: outing to Lyndale Drive Park North w/3 chaperones  Thursday: alternate indoor games

4:00pm - 4:30pm    Supervised athlete pick-up



2015 Yonex Identified Player Program (IPP) Summer Camps


         The Manitoba Badminton Association (MBA) annually host summer camps for the identified athletes in the province who are not yet involved with the High Performance or Junior High Performance Teams but show the work ethic, skill level and/or results that indicate the potential to make these teams in the future.

            The IPP Summer Camps are an Identification tool for the IPP, a program which runs from September to April to introduce high level grassroots badminton players to the competitive club and tournament atmosphere.

         The IPP Summer Camps can be attended by invite only or by consulting with Provincial Coach Justin Friesen at              204-228-3210 (or by email at coach@badminton.mb.ca)



All of our coaches are certified by the National Coaching Certification Program to a minimum standard of Level 1.

If you would like any additional information on the camps, or if you are having trouble with registration, please contact the office at: 
925-5679 or email admin.assistant@badminton.mb.ca


Please note:

Badminton Manitoba will only reimburse camp fees for those who provide a doctor's note or have experienced a family emergency.

Late registrations will be charged a $10.00 late fee.



A huge thank-you to YONEX Canada, Urban Green Team,  Canada Summer Jobs, Winnipeg Winter Club and the above designated rural schools for allowing us to once again offer a full line-up of Summer Camps in 2015!



Looking for a Fall/Winter Badminton Program?

Badminton is more truely a winter sport, so there are many options available:

Developmental Winter Program - 1X/week.  Many of Manitoba's top players have started out in the Developmental Winter Program because of the qualified coaches that we employ.  Athletes will learn the necessary tools to A) Enjoy the sport and B) Become better athletes.  Athletes from these programs are scouted for the Identified Player Program, a competitive program held 2X/week through the fall/winter.

Join a Club - multiple times/week.  Fast-track IPP and go straight to a club where you will have a permanent coach, ongoing support, more than 2 practices per week and other playing opportunities.  Only a competitive club can meet your needs to the fullest.