Complete Survey In Favour of Badminton!

Fitness Zone in Steinbach may build a new fitness facility in their city, and we need you to fill out the survey encouraging them to put badminton courts and lessons as a big part of their plans.  If this exciting opportunity happens, we want to be a part of it!

?  S T E I N B A C H   S P O R T   C E N T R E   S U R V E Y

We want to bring a SPORT CENTRE 

to you in Steinbach!

Indoor field house

Walk-around track

Court sports

Indoor leagues


Sport team training area

Public fitness classes


and much, much more!

YOU can help make this possible by showing your interest! Please pass this message on and complete our survey by clicking the button below.


Take the Survey


SPORT CENTRE survey update:

1500 PEOPLE have already TAKEN OUR SURVEY!!!

WE NEED 5000 SURVEY TAKERS in order to complete this project

SHARING THIS SURVEY IS VITAL! Please pass this on to everyone you know!



is a vote


 to opening a Sport Centre in Steinbach!

Fitness Zone, 365 First Street, Steinbach, R5G 1S1 Canada

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