Call for Trophy Sponsors

Badminton Manitoba is calling for potential sponsors for 3 new annual trophies:

  • Provincial Championships
  • Interlake Open
  • Norman Open

The legacy of a trophy lives for many years and is a gift that continues to give back to the community.  Each year the trophy of any of our tournaments is presented to the winners of the tournament for photos, and makes it's way into traditional media outlets, social media, and websites.  The trophies are also presented at the Annual Awards Banquet, in conjunction with the Provincial Championships.

We are excited to make a call for sponsorship for 3 important annual tournaments.  

The sponsor will have their name or company name on the trophy as such: "Donated by ____________"


Manitoba Provincial Championships



Interlake Open



Norman Open



CONTACT: Ryan Giesbrecht at


Below: Winners of the 2017 Yonex Eastman Open

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