Juniors Bring Home Hardware at WCTC!

Congratulations to the U15, U17, and U19 teams on their accomplishments!

Manitoba's team for the Western Canadian Team Championships headed out to Saskatoon over the past weekend.  Despite being delayed by some nasty weather, they battled fiercely and tested their mettle against the best in the west.  With their intimidating battle cry of, "We are the buffalo!" and their incredible team spirit, they rallied to place in each junior category.


Congratulations to the U15 team for taking bronze, the U17 team for taking bronze, and the U19 team for taking silver!


U15 Team

"We believe in ourselves.  We believe in the dream!"

Back row: Jason Athayde (coach), Sasha St. Pierre, Ghajaayine Senthilkumaran, Sunny Hu

Front row: Lukas Borger, Traytaen Halcrow, Easton George



U17 Team

"Woo woo woo... you know it!"

Back row: Dale Kinley (coach), Chris Wiebe, Noah Koslowsky, René Piché

Front row: Micah Reimer, Krista Dornn, Emalia Sinclair



U19 Team

"1 + 1 = 2"

Back row: Justin Friesen (coach), Kyi Nichols, Ivan Tsang, Jeevan Khanuja (pictured with crutches)

Front row: Claire Meier, Tiffany Tantakoun, Jeanette Ding



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