Updated & Newly Implemented Badminton Canada Policies!

Competition Uniform Policy

Coach Certification Policy

Default & Failure to Complete Match Policy (New)

Field of Play Discipline Policy (New)

Concussion Protocol

Badminton Canada and our committees have been working hard over the summer to update our policies for the upcoming 2018-19 season. Below outlines the major changes to each policy that will be enforced for the 2018-19 season. For more details, please review the policy (links are provided).


Competition Uniform Policy

Players/Pairs must wear similar uniforms only in the Finals of the tournament – lower seeded players/pairs must change if colors are too similar

There will be no restrictions on size of advertisements on player clothing. BCAN supports the ability for players to sell to sponsors

6.3 – Players cannot wear Canada on their shirts if they have not represented Canada at an International Games/Championship


Coach Certification Policy

Active Coaching will be permitted for all BCAN Sanctioned events

All coaches wishing to access the Field of Play must have a BCAN Coaching Accreditation – confirmed and monitored by BCAN Staff

Must have completed a Sterling Background Check

Must be a minimum of Regional Certified for Yonex Elite Series Events, Prov. Trained for National Championships

Must have registered for a BCAN Certified Coaching licence

More information on how to register, please contact


Default & Failure to Complete Match Policy (New)

This is a new policy implemented by BCAN to address the different circumstances in which athletes fail/chose not to compete

Injury/Retire: An athlete may retire from a main round match due to injury and continue to compete in the tournament if they are able to compete at full effort/capacity, at the discretion of the referee and/or sports medicine

Withdraw from Main Round: If an athlete withdraws from the event after the draws have been posted, or fails to show for a scheduled match – that player will be withdrawn from the tournament. Partners in a paired event will not be penalized.

Consolations: Athletes may withdraw from a consolation match only if; they remain in a Main Round event and they notify the Referee a minimum of 1 hour prior to the start of the scheduled match via email or in-person


Field of Play Discipline Policy (New)

This is a new policy implemented by BCAN to address the conduct of athletes throughout the course of a calendar year (January – December)

Players that receive a third yellow card will be fined by BCAN for $50CAN – every subsequent yellow card will be an extra $50 CAN

Red Cards will be associated with an automatic $100 CAN fine

Black Cards will follow the Athlete Code of Conduct Policy


Concussion Protocol

Athletes over the age of 18 will be responsible for their own well being in relation to head injuries/concussions, and will determine if they are fit to continue to play

Athletes under the age of 18 will need consent from a parent or legal guardian in order to continue to play if a concussion is expected by the Referee and/or Sports Medicine

BCAN acknowledges there is a gap in education; we are working with Sport Canada to develop a toolkit with the main purpose of educating, coaches, parents, and officials around head injuries and concussions


If you have any questions or require clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you

Mike Luck

Events & Communications Manager

Badminton Canada

700 Industrial Av, Ottawa, ON

613-748-5674 ext.223

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